Company Profile

SAETA history dates back to 1913 when it was founded, being a totally national company focused on manufacturing haberdashery accessories, is a supplier of sewing goods and needlework, fashion and creative accessories, press fastening systems and accessories for clothing and textiles industries, haberdasheries, clothing manufacturer and designers, hairdressers wholesalers, kiosks, pharmacies and supermarkets. With its own Industrial and Distribution Plant which contributes to deliver high quality and excellent presentation, with its distinguished company´s packaging.

Our raw materials stock, intermediate and finished products, packaging system and own distribution, allow us a delivery within 24hs of clients´ order receipt, in any part of Argentina or abroad.

The company was refounded in 1994, with the construction of a new Industrial and Distribution Plant, aimed to strive the standards required by international markets. As an outcome, commercial partnerships were generated with important leading global companies, from which today SAETA has become official and unique sales representatives in Argentina. This progress has been a result of the Board of Directors credentials and strategic vision, trained entire team work, also motivated on a daily basis by clients´ assistance.

We endeavor to strengthen and consolidate SAETA leadership position in the national market, providing cutting-edge solutions required by the challenges involved in a globalized competitive system. This is possible thanks to our motto “… being service oriented, what does not change is that everything changes…”. SAETA can achieved these goals by working with service and attention calling as main target to create value for customers, business partners, shareholders and work team, managing constant change (we count on an agile and professional structure which allows adjustment to productive changes, focusing on productivity, quality, innovation and service), fostering a competitive cooperation (our premise “rather than a competitor, it´s a partner” contributed to generate agreements with important American and European firms, and consolidate a close relationship among provider / partner / client, motivating constant improvement). Also, an important factor is an outstanding excellence and ethic culture, since SAETA maintains a steady behavior throughout time and constant excellence search, following ethics standards which are spread throughout the Company. We can handle this position based on a permanent training schedule, required for the development of whole SAETA team, for an excellent working environment, and to provide updated services, and with presence, showing permanent business commitment and a calling to work together with colleagues, clients and providers.

SAETA background is based on these foundations, which permanently empower new challenges search in in the context of a dynamic industry.